Ultimate StipplerIn the constant quest to make our faux painting work more easily accomplished, we are always searching for new products. We are proud to introduce to you, for the first time...the BRUSH that every faux painting professional has been waiting for...the ULTIMATE STIPPLER!

This professional faux painting tool is designed and made in central Europe for that polished “hide your tool” decorative technique,to achieve that perfect blended look. Whether you are faux painting by stippling, blending or pouncing, the Ultimate Stippler is the Ultimate faux painting tool!



Ultimate Stippler Side View

The Ultimate Stippler is pure hog bristle, epoxy set, metal ferrule and plastic easy grip handle. The diameter is 4.5 inches. Performs like the $250.00 English stipplers.... but without the cost! A very soft stippler that will also create faux painting clouds, suede and various delicate faux painting finishes.



Ultimate StipplerA great brush for stippling, blending and softening glaze treatments, as well as for stenciling large sized stencils like Royal Design Studios' Damask Stencil. You will love this brush for stippling, blending and softening glaze treatments.


Item# ultstp
Description: Round, natural, hog bristle
Size: 115 mm/4.5 inches
Weight (lb): 0.616
Application: Transfer, blend and soften colour from one area to another
Handle: plastic
Price: (US$) 44.95



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